Get In My Head… Never too late….

Hey guys….

I am soooo excited to welcome you to our little hangout.  I know I am probably about 5 years too late, but again… it’s never too late to start.

I think that as long as we are alive, there is always room to turn new pages. So, WELCOME to my new interest (Krystn Enem- Get In My Head)…hopefully, she is worth your while.(why do I always gravitate towards a ‘she’ though lol)


Forgive me, but this is basically me just talking, ranting, venting, jisting, chilling with you and telling you what’s on my mind about any and everything…. So, sometimes, we won’t agree but!!! you know the drill, we agree to disagree and you, yes! YOU remain my jist buddy.

Let me tell you what has inspired me to start ‘Get In My Head’

I have just had some kinda change, so  I have a lot more time on my hands…
I will definitely get back to my grind, but in the meantime I gats to keep busy…
 I already feel less productive. Dang!!! Please blame it on ‘busy body syndrome” aka Hustler aka Diva aka Mogul spirit lol

Also, I have always wanted to have a blog but I didn’t have the time. Between shooting Krystn Enem Show and all other ‘hustles’, mans did not have time to dedicate to writing. Well, I have finally got the chance… so why not…

Moreso, something happened about a week ago that got me thinking… (mehnnn you will be surprised what people say behind your back lol) Anyhooo… I don’t dwell on negativity, especially in my personal space. (Try keeping your personal space positive, you’d be surprised how sane and blessed you’d feel. Try it)

I haven’t exactly figured out how this blogging thing works, but I’ll get better. Nothing ever stopped me from achieving whatever goal I set my mind to… So, stick with me, you’d love it.

Enough rant for one day right? Lol

Next Post, I’ll be introducing the segments on ‘Get In My Head’.

P.S This will be a very interactive forum, so it’s all about us (me and you my jist partners) Mans cannot be talking alone, so drop your comments, views, opinions, insults *rolling my eyes*  everything in the comment section.

Let’s get connected on social media too @krystnenem on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Until then, thank you for hopping on this journey with me…

Your Jist Partner
Krystn Enem

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