fight against slave trade in Libya



In 2017, humans, Africans are sold as slaves in Libya at $400 each. $400. I cannot believe that this still happens in our lifetime.


In 2016, I went on a tour and we visited Badagry Slave Village in the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. During this trip, one of the descendants of the Kingdom who was our tour guide told us the many heartbreaking stories. He shed light on the truth. Africans have always been the problem. In those days, there were inter tribal wars and the defeated side would serve as slaves to their new masters.

When the white man came to Africa, these inter tribal wars became an even bigger deal. The Kings started to sell off the captured war slaves in exchange for whiskey, guns, cloth etc

30-40 humans were exchanged for a bottle of whiskey; 50-60 humans in exchange for a piece of cloth; 100 humans for a Dane gun etc. That trip was a very emotional one, to say the least.

The point of this post is to shed light that in this age and time, slavery is still going IN AFRICA, BY AFRICANS. Humans are still the commodity in 2017. Africans from Cameroon, Nigeria and other parts of Africa have become victims of slavery and slave trade, sold by their fellow African brothers and sisters. It is happening in Libya, in 2017. Do we blame the white man, still?

The wickedness in the hearts of Africans, the greed, the selfishness and the mental poverty is the root cause of this problem. We as a people need to learn to love ourselves first, then learn to love our neighbor as ourselves.

There are many contributing factors to this epidermic. One of such is the quest for a better life, this is what forces people to take on these risky adventures. Our African leaders need to wake up and put up reforms to make home a better place for the youth.

The African agents who extort money from these poor youths seeking a better life, with a promise of a good life in Europe, what are your hearts made of? The cartels involved in this mess, how do you sleep at night?

Anyways, it is happening and we are seeing it happen, we all need to speak up for a change. Slavery needs to stop. IMPORTANT Fact: If you have employed a human to work for you and you treat them with zero respect, speak to them in a demeaning manner, work them to the last drop of their sweat; news is; you are a slave rider and you should stop. Little drops of water make the ocean. Let us all in our individual ways begin the fight against slavery.

Join the fight on Twitter; use the #stoplibyaslavery #libya #stoplibya


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Krystn Enem




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