Defining PAIN

January seemed like it had 120 days. Now, it seems like the year has taken up it’s wings. In all, hope everyone is having a good year so far. My year has started beautifully and I am still very excited for 2018. For those of you who had ‘New Year Resolutions’, how is that going? I had only one – Choose to be happy and happy I have been.

As for this blog, it has definitely been a minute. I truly do not understand why I never post my articles lol. I think it is the perfectionist syndrome. Most days, I get up, write an article and NOT publish it. Ridiculous.

Anyways, I just want to share something  I learnt today which clearly defines the  word perspective. You see, as humans, we are bound to have challenges. I mean, every one of us has our different challenges. These challenges come in different packages for different people.  Also, as individuals, we may not relate to someone else’s challenges, but we all can agree that in those difficult moments and  through those challenges, we all feel the same thing. PAIN.

A few days ago, my little sister had an accident. She fell and hurt her face. Thankfully, she is getting better. As much pain as she was feeling, she decided to channel positive vibes and she gave PAIN a new meaning. She defined PAINS as Positive Attitude In Negative Situations. That tells you one thing, you clearly can choose how to react to challenges. As a matter of fact, worrying or fretting over a situation will  not make it go away (something I have come to learn over time) It only makes it worse than it seems, more like fueling the fire. However, wearing a positive attitude in the face of a challenge will not only make it seemingly easier, but will give you a clearer vision to seek solution.

Hard as it may be, find a way to stay calm through the storm. Relax, it will all work out. Take deep breaths, speak to yourself and pray.

Hope this helps somebody out there and hopefully this year will be great for us all.

Until next time

Your Jist Partner

Krystn Enem


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