My secret admirer exposed

This post is spontaneous lol.

Today, one of my secret admirers was EXPOSED.

I will leave out the details but I found out that this girl I barely know is a huge fan. I mean…. I barely talk to her, but the amount of information she has on me, is like Me on Oprah lol (you know I love and adore me some Mama O) lol

This girl knows about my achievements in television, follows all my social media accounts, blog and all. Yasss *wink. Keep it up love.

In an attempt to insult me, she exposed how much dedication she has given to me. Imagine someone saying ‘I did my research on you and found this and that. I mean, I have to really matter so much to get such dedication from a ‘hater’ aka disguised fan lol.

The funniest part of the incident was her saying I have a failed career.

I am now sitting here like who, what, where? Me? Krystn Enem? who is just getting started? Who is just beginning my journey to greatness? Who is heading to American National TV? I mean, girl puh-lease. She gave me all the motivation I need. In fact, just in case I had forgotten who I am and who I will be, she did a good job at reminding me and motivating me to be much more *claps for her (great job)

Some people feel like moving is a sign of failure… if only they know. I also won’t indulge negativity and explain myself, I’ll let her and other doubters sit, watch and eat their words.

This note is to say, thank you to all non believers, doubters, secret admirers, Krystn Enem researchers lol, keep tab and keep busy. You sure have a lot of work to do.

Most importantly, thank you to all those who have supported me, believed in me, clapped for me. I love you all.

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Alrighttttt. Gotta run now. Stay blessed

Your Jist Partner

Krystn Enem

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