Social media bruhaha

Don't let social media fool you. Most people are not all that in real life. Don't compare your lives to what you see on there, all na packaging oh. I had a few minutes rant on this topic

#Spotlight on Ale Myz…

I absolutely love the arts. I really really love music. In my next life, I'll choose music as one of my talents (if that's possible) lol. Anyways, my love for music birth this segment on The Krystn Enem Show called Spotlight, created to showcase upcoming music talents. I have decided to extend the platform here.... Continue Reading →

My secret admirer exposed

This post is spontaneous lol. Today, one of my secret admirers was EXPOSED. I will leave out the details but I found out that this girl I barely know is a huge fan. I mean.... I barely talk to her, but the amount of information she has on me, is like Me on Oprah lol... Continue Reading →

5 tips to have a great 2018

  How blessed we are to be alive in 2018. We cannot take it for granted. A lot of people started 2017 with hopes, dreams, plans, goals etc but life took its course. To those who achieved all their goals, congratulations; those who didn't but are alive, be happy all the same. When there is... Continue Reading →

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